What is Korfball?

Korfball is an exciting, all-action sport similar to basketball or netball.
Korfball relies on passing, movement and co-operation and is a mixed-gender sport.
It is an excellent leisure activity for improving general fitness, and can be played at many different levels of competitiveness.
We play Korfball indoors over the winter competing in a local Cambridge league (Oct-Apr),  and during the summer there are opportunities to compete in outdoor tournaments, and potentially overseas tournaments.

Why is it different?
Korfball teams must consist of 4 men and 4 women.  The rules are constructed so that men, women, short and tall people can all compete on equal footing.
The rules prevent physical strength dominating the game.  Tactics and efficient teamwork is required.
Do I need to be super fit?
No, Phoenix has teams of all standards, from the 1st team who compete in the local Divison 1, to the third team, which caters for new players.  Phoenix is a club which enjoys socialising as much as competing!
When can I try it?
Your more than welcome to come along to any coaching session, just hit the contact form to show your interest, so that we keep an eye out for you and welcome you into the session.